Sometimes I Lie by Alice Feeney: A Mini Book Review

I like to go into books pretty blind. I plan on writing about my thoughts on death of the author philosophy vs. authorial intent, but for now just know that I like to go into newly published books without much para text. My goal for my mini reviews is to give you just enough vague intrigue to try out these books for yourself without knowing too much of the plot.

Sometimes I Lie is Feeney’s debut novel that was published in 2018. It has been most commonly tagged as a thriller or suspense novel. I would call it more of a puzzle, but that’s not an official genre now is it?

The novel follows the protagonist Amber who is narrating the events from the unconsciousness of a coma. The chapters alternate from the present time, the week leading up to her coma, and a diary from 1992. Amber is desperately trying to remember what caused her to be in this coma, and she suspects foul play from those closest to her.

I normally do not enjoy thriller novels. I always read them with high hopes, but end up being disappointed in the story or the writing itself. I feel like a lot of the thriller novels that have come forth in this post Gone Girl surge has very cheesy writing. However, I really enjoyed Sometimes I Lie.

This is a really quick read! The chapters are really short so it was very easy for me to read the book in one sitting. Each of the timelines was gripping, and the twists and turns kept me guessing until the end. On the negative side, I didn’t really feel any strong connection to the characters and the end was a little lack luster.

Overall, this book is thoroughly enjoyable and genuinely was able to surprise me with some reveals. I give the book 3 stars and encourage you to check it out! I recommend you read this when you’re burned out on Netflix and need a quick read in a bubble bath.